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Oxford Bus Map

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Offline bus map showing Oxford’s high-frequency bus services and bus stops, to make it easy to find out about Oxford’s buses. The main departure stops for each service are shown in the city centre. Most street names, principal buildings and footpaths are shown.There are turn-up-and-go bus services on all of Oxford’s main roads. The buses work well for journeys to the city centre, and also to Cowley Centre and the John Radcliffe Hospital.
The map shows the high-frequency services: low-frequency services are not shown, to make the map clearer.
The location and name of all the bus stops are shown, so you can ask for the stop you want.
The app includes a Locate button, to show where you are (subject to the availability of location services). Internet access is required to find out more about the source of data for the map, and how it was made, but the map itself is offline.
The map is an electronic version of the popular paper map.